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Think about the environment, please reuse the car parts.

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Do you need spare parts for your BMW?

We offer a wide range of used spare parts for BMW.

To proceed to used spare parts, select the car model you are looking for spare parts for.

When searching for used parts for your BMW, always be aware that the item or original number is the same as your defective part.

Buy used car parts and spare parts at Laga

Choose above which Alfa model you are looking for parts. Can't find your model? Ask us by pressing "ASK US" to the right of the page.

Benefits of buying used car parts for BMW online

Here you can find used BMW car parts at great price. Buying recycled car parts online is both easy and convenient for you as a car owner and often involves a significantly lower cost. By choosing a recycled spare part, you also help reduce your environmental footprint.

With us you will find a large selection with good prices. Easily browse and place your order on your mobile, computer or tablet. We offer several payment options, which make it easy to pay, for example with Swish.